Heart and Soul Sister Welcome Message

Aloha Babe!

We would love the opportunity to get to know you a little better. Please visit Heart and Soul Sign Up at the bottom of this message and select the size and style you want.

Once we confirm your information, we will mail you a starter pack asap.

We ask that you snap a photo of either the package or panties

  • Tag us @HippiesandHousewives
  • Hashtag your image #H&HBabe
  • If we repost your image, you’re accepted into our H&H Heart and Soul Sisters program!

You’ll then receive all 7 panties for the upcoming month.

To continue being in the Heart and Soul program, we ask that you snap each pair of panties for each day of the week. Please make sure your profile is public.

Example hashtags: #H&HMonday #H&HTuesday #H&HWednesday etc.



You will be automatically entered into our “Weekly Bra Giveaway" as part of our H&H Heart and Soul Sisters program.


You’ll also be entered for a chance to

Win tickets for 2 people to fly to Hawaii!

for 3 days and 2 nights for the "2018 Hippies and Housewives Fashion Show".

We look forward to having you be part as our H&H Heart and Soul Sisters program.





Heart and Soul Sister Sign Up