10 Signs You're Keeping Your Underwear Too Long

A nasty smell? A hole in the right butt cheek? An obnoxious saying or all CAPS letters on your panties? It's time for a change. 

Here are some signs that you're keeping your panties too long and not appreciating your booty enough to reward with beautiful panties. 


1. They're Old Period Underwear

There's no need to hold onto those old panties you only wore during your period. 


2. They Create Horrible Panty Lines

Get them out of your life! Panty lines are a struggle, and keeping underwear that doesn't help that struggle is only going to hold you back. 


3. They Give You Major Wedgies

Wedgies doesn't need to be uncomfortable. We use the most soft, comfortable fabrics, our wedgies are actually good wedgies.


4. They Used To Be White

Everyone has a pair of white panties, but if they're so old and worn that their color reminds you coffee stains, it's time to toss them. 


5. They're Stretched Out

Why are you holding onto underwear that's way too stretched out? It probably doesn't fit, they look horrible, and they're probably older than you can remember. Say bye to them! 


6. They're Too Tight

Your panties should be comfortable and give you the support and foundation needed for the rest of your clothes — not make you question whether you're going to make it through the day. Panties should not cut off your blood circulation. Our panties are super soft and 4 way stretch fabrics allows a comfortable fit. 


7. They Have Stains That Won't Go Away

If your undies have the kind of stain on them that not even detergent, stain-remover, or bleach combined could get rid of, why do you still want it? It's JUST underwear. Get rid of them and get your booty some new panties.


8. They Stink

Do we really need to mention why you should get rid of stinky panties? If there's a no-good smell reeking from your panties, it's time for them to go.

9. You Don't Remember Buying Them

There's a reason you forgot about them, so why not just get rid of them now? You're never going to wear it anyway.


10. They Use to Be Cute

But now they're just covered in holes, smell bad, does that sound cute to you? No.

You deserve fresh cute clean panties every month. Panties that are so cute, you would rock them anywhere and everywhere. Not only are they cute, they're the MOST comfortable panties in the world. Period.